Our quality checking phrases; start from the very early stages of the fabric / sacks manufacturing; since blending of raw materials. We monitor and conduct repeated analysis necessary to ascertain that; the consistency as per requirement of GSM; is met; so that the tapes; extracted out of it; gives best results on the looms.Our quality assurance system is fully accredited and applies to all design, manufacture and distribution activities of the company

At Kush Polyflex, the end product passes through 7 quality check phrases; as a result of which the quality is superior & significantly consistent.

  • Blending Ratios
    Manager Production conveys the ratio of blending to the Plant Manager; who ensures that; blending of virgin raw material, fillers, master batches, stabilizers are blended according to the order specific requirements; to obtain desired results.
  • Tape Plant
    We have defined Quality Control Systems which ensures; that the Strength, GSM, GPD properties are met, according to the order’s requirement.
  • Bag Cutting and Stitching
    Un-laminated / Laminated rolls / Un-Printed / Printed rolls (according to requirements specified) are then forwarded to the Bag Cutting and Stitching process; wherein they are being cut into required sizes; bottom stitched; and then forwarded to Hemming Section; if required.

Earlier to 1984, blown film technology was used by sacks making industries, which was having capacity to covert HDPE using blown film technology, with 35~50 kg. / hr. output. Many sack-manufacturers slowly switched from blown film line to flat film line technology introduced by JP Industries, using coat hanger die / turn bar system as a conversion kit to replace old technology to new flat film. This innovation doubled the production and it was capable to run PP/HDPEraw materials.

Our extrusion line, is the latest technology, like a blessing for the woven sack manufacturers. It is flat film line technology machine. This high-tech plant has capacities to manufacture bulk-bags up to 3000 kg.