Kush Polyflex  offers wide range of PP Multi filament High Tenacity Fully Drawn yarn used in various industries. PP HIGH STRENGTH INDUSTRIAL BAG CLOSING THREAD These PP Bag Closing threads are widely used to close the mouth of bags and sacks in industries such as Fertilizers, Sugar, Flour Mills and Grains.
Made up of poly propylene (PP) on Two Imported SML Lines they are available in various bright & attractive colors and can be customized. They are easy to clean. They are long lasting and are widely used in different kinds of applications.

PP Multifilament yarn capicity 40 mt per month (80/8) lohia

Salient Features

  • High tenacity up to 8 g/d
  • Wide range of denier from 200 to 6000.
  • Available in FDY Flat, FDY Intermingle & FDY twisted
  • UV protected
  • Can replace Nylon or Polyester
  • Various colours
  • Excellent color fastness
  • Impact resistant
Woven Multifilament Yarn
Woven Multifilament Yarn
Woven Multifilament Yarn