Polypropylene yarns produced by "Agro-Poli" company are reliable and of the highest quality, manufactured on modern, constantly upgraded machine park, meeting the highest requirements of the customer. In order to maximize the standard the raw materials are purchased only from reputable suppliers.

The company's products meet the European Union technical standards and utility tests confirm the numerous polypropylene yarns:

  • high breaking strength, Przędza polipropylenowa
  • wide range of colors depending on customer requirements,
  • lightness in relation to other synthetic fibers,
  • resistance to mold and harmful effects of water,
  • ease of further processing,
  • high abrasion resistance,
  • chemical resistance to acids and alkalis.

Polypropylene yarn is produced in the range of :

 Twisted yarn (depending on the basis weight from 35 to 600 turns per mb), - coupling (average, normal and high strength), - at customer's request yarn with a strength of over 7.0 g / den, - thickness (from 300 den to 5000 den), - standard stabilization - 100 kly (on customer's request up to 300 kly), - very wide range of colors (according to customer's wish).

Construction of the coil:

Weight: depending on the type of yarn from 5 to 15 kg, - outer diameter: 220 to 400 mm, - sleeve dimensions: 75x85x300 mm, 110x125x300 mm, (55x65x290 mm for twisted yarn).

Packing Details

In cartons (2 cartons on a euro pallet weighing about 250 kg each), - in pp bags (30 bags on industrial pallet weighing about 20 kg each).

The use of polypropylene yarn includes:

Textile industry, - production of polypropylene strings, - production of polypropylene ropes, - production of all kinds of nets and nets (fishing, sport, security) - manufacture of carpets and rugs, - manufacture of technical fabrics, decorative fabrics, - haberdashery production.

The Yarn dyed and unbranded yarn produced by the Company is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Polypropylene yarns